Jan 19, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

SGBS 339 - I'm Ok, You're Ok: The History and Practice of Wellness

4.00 credit hours
(Same as SGBH 339 .)  Insurance companies, employers, educators and influencers all agree that we need to better our physical and spiritual selves, that we need to practice wellness to be well. Though the roots of this phenomenon are in the religious traditions and martial disciplines, wellness is now a spectacularly lucrative industry, and, as such, it should be approached critically. To be well is to not only engage in a particular set of practices, but to be savvy to the economics, sociology and history of a set of profit-driven enterprises. This course, therefore, takes a holistic approach and aims to teach wellness as both a variety of practical disciplines and a complex web of ideologies, prejudices and assumptions. Students will read influential texts from diverse traditions, examine the history and sources of various wellness trends and experiment with different well-being practices (such as meditation, yoga and other body arts, and approaches to sleep and diet).

Prerequisite(s): One course from Shimer Humanities, Shimer Natural Science or instructor consent.
Cardinal Directions Designation(s): Well Being.

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