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ARCHIVED 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication and Media Studies

Department Chairperson: Dr. Steve Macek
Communication and Media Studies Faculty

Mission Statement

The Department of Communication and Media Studies is dedicated to understanding how people interact with each other in relationships, groups, organizations, via media and technology, among diverse cultures, and in the public sphere. In an interconnected world, communication is fundamental to our personal and professional lives, and the mission of the department is to prepare students to communicate effectively and ethically in a global society. 

In a challenging yet supportive environment, our students learn to critically analyze, craft and adapt messages for various audiences and various media platforms. The program is grounded in history and theory so students develop a sophisticated understanding of communication that is relevant and transferable across communication technologies and contexts. Students interested in careers in media have the opportunity to take courses in areas such as news writing, social media, video production and broadcasting. We also offer a number of applied courses so students can develop proficiency in foundational skills such as public speaking, writing, teamwork, audience analysis and nonverbal communication as well as hone skills relevant to their specific career interests.

Employers consistently rank communication skills among the top skill sets required for job candidates. Our programs prepare graduates to enter a wide range of professions where the ability to create messages for a variety of audiences is essential. Career opportunities include: public relations, employee training and development, human resources, community relations, issue advocacy, political activism and organizing, internal communication, marketing, fund raising, promotions, radio announcing, media relations, TV and film screenwriting, journalism, teaching, account management, sales, campaign and legislative staff and many others. Such positions occur throughout the business, nonprofit, media, higher education, health and public sectors.

Because the majors offered by are department are adaptable to many careers, we encourage our students to pursue curricular and co-curricular experiences targeted toward their specific goals.  The department offers extensive co-curricular opportunities in our award-winning speech and debate teams, our chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, and with several campus media outlets such as NCCLinked/The Chronicle and our award-winning campus radio station, WONC-FM.

Degree offered: B.A.

Students may choose one of the following departmental majors:  Communication Studies, Organizational Communication, Journalism and Media Communication or Interactive Media Studies.

Communication Studies majors specialize in the study of messages and communication processes in face-to-face, small group and larger cultural contexts.

Organizational Communication majors focus on how people communicate in different organizational contexts to both internal and external stakeholders

Journalism and Media Communication majors learn to create, analyze, critique and, above all, tell stories using a variety of media platforms and technologies. 

Interactive Media Studies majors learn to produce various digital media (text, graphics, video and audio) for computer-mediated communication environments.




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